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The mental and emotional impact of the coronavirus is being felt by adults and children across the nation.  In this interview with Cox Media's Jeff Slater, Natasha shares the importance of being creative to emerge from the shutdown with our physical and mental health intact.


Being diagnosed with a mental illness can affect every area of an individual's life.  Unfortunately, self-esteem, physical health, housing and employment challenges often arise.  If you would like to guidance on how to understand and process your diagnosis, a mental health consultation is right for you. Schedule your session(s) today.


Your inner voice guides you toward actions that brings peace and joy.  If you're experiencing stress, frustration or dis-ease, you most likely need a divine and intuitive alignment.  There's no brokenness in you, so if you are ready to launch the BEST version of yourself, then intuitive coaching is right for you.  Schedule your session(s) today.


If you have asked the question "what should I do next" or "how do I transition", career coaching is right for you.  Jobs can make you money.  Careers pay you for your passion and expertise. Career coaching is more than just a resume.  It's empowering you to see your market value and how to position yourself  as the BEST candidate. Schedule your session(s) today.


On of the greatest barriers to employment for people with disabilities is are the opinions about how a disability might affect job performance.  Know that your limitations are not an automatic disqualifier.  If you have a disability and have been applying and interviewing without success, a Disability Career Coaching session is right for you.


Natasha A. Pierre is an award-winning speaker, author, certified professional life coach and a mental health advocate with over 20 years of lived experience.  Her relatable speaking style allows her to connect with global audiences to share the importance of self-awareness, self-advocacy, community building and effective legislation.


Natasha has a B.A. in Mass Communications from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, a Social Security Administration Work Incentives Practitioner credential from Cornell University and a certificate in Ministry.  For the last five years, Natasha has devoted much of her time to mental health education and advocacy.  She is the Vice President for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)-Hillsborough affiliate, in Tampa, Florida, and serves on the board for Aaron’s House also in Tampa, FL. 

Mental Health-Related Credentials and Certifications

Social Security Administration Work Incentives Practitioner 

Florida State Supported Employment Certification

Mental Health First Aid Certification – Youth

Mental Health First Aid Certification – Adult

Facilitator - National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Smarts for Advocacy Training

Facilitator  - NAMI Peer to Peer Course

Facilitator - Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) 

Self-advocacy Trainer

Work Readiness Trainer

Advanced Reiki Practitioner

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Natasha A. Pierre

Mental Health Educator

Intuitive Life Coach

Career Strategist

Small Business Consultant

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